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Be the next Generation!

Our juniors represent the next phase in agriculture and we take pride in passing on our knowledge to them and helping them to learn more to come back and teach us. You don't have to own a Red Angus calf to be a member so fill out your membership form today to reap the benefits of being a member. 

Amber Stephens

Rachel Davis

Junior Advisors

Programs & Involvement

The Mid-Atlantic Junior Red Angus Association, MAJRAA, is committed to providing a junior organization that gives youth the oppurtunity to engage with others, enhance their stockamn skills, and explore the world ofagriculture. We are working to provide this regional association with a youth show to give showmen the oppurtunity to promorte their cattle. 

As an affilate of the National Junior Red Angus Association we help provide oppurtunities for our youth to be a part of the national scene. More information about national events can be found at the JUNIOR RED ANGUS ASSOCISTION.