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Cedar Hill Red Angus Farm, located in Jane Lew, West Virginia, is owned and operated by Dan and Alicia Stickel. We manage all aspects of our cattle operation from health management to feeding, breeding and calving with limited outside help. We fully understand the importance of docility, functionality, low maintenance and trouble free cattle.

Visitors are always welcome at Cedar Hill Farm. We enjoy providing tours of our herd or just talking about our passion of producing the very best cattle we can possibly produce.

Our mission at Cedar Hill Farm is to supply our customers with lead-time genetics which will promote their satisfaction and economic well-being.

The hills of West Virginia are almost heaven but they present many unique challenges to ranching and farming not often found anywhere else in the country. Rugged environmental conditions of steep hilly terrain and fescue pastures are the norm. Our summers are hot and humid, winters can range between damp-bones chilling cold to heavy snows from lake effect snow storms, springs are typically neck deep in mud but our falls are normally almost heaven. In spite of all the challenges and hillbilly jokes, West Virginia is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

In 1996 we began using a Red Angus bull in a crossbreeding program. The Red Angus calves performed exceptionally well and since that time our herd has expanded to include over 200 head of registered 1A Red Angus.

Our Red Angus herd is built on data integrity with a focus on docility, productivity, low input, and quality. Simply put, our goal is to set the standard for functional, trouble free, “user friendly” beef cattle. Our breeding program uses technology and science with emphasis on maintaining large, correctly sorted contemporary groups to assure the data we collect accurately reflects the performance and functionality of each animal within our herd.

Since 1998 we have been plan mating each Red Angus female to high accuracy sires or bulls sired by multiple-generation high accuracy sires to minimize genetic risk. From the very beginning we have utilized an intensive AI program. Each breeding season we average over 98% of our females being AI bred prior to being exposed to natural service bulls.

In our environment the steep hills and fescue forage will quickly weed out hard doing and structurally unsound cattle. We place great emphasis on multiple trait selection rather than chasing any one particular fad or trait. We place selection pressure on our herd for low input and we cull for undesirable structural conditions, fertility and disposition.

We believe in using the latest sciences available to enhance data accuracy on our herd including the use of DNA and genomic enhanced EPD’s. We have collected and utilized carcass ultrasound data on our calves since 1997.

We utilize embryo transfer to proliferate only the very best females in our herd. Our E.T. program is made up of a select group of exceptional females. Each donor must demonstrate her ability to consistently replicate extraordinary progeny before she is considered for our E.T. program.

Our planned mating system emphasizes as much attention to detail for natural service sire selection as it does for AI sire selection. Each female in our herd is exposed to a natural service sire that most closely hits the desired targets for a particular offspring. Over the years many of our natural service sires have been used in seedstock and commercial AI programs around the country. Nationally recognized and used sires like LJC Javelin M08, LCC Cheyenne B221L, Brown-LSF Celebration, Brown-CH Assurance S3567, Brown-CH Turbo T2116, Brown Pacesetter Y7170, Brown Phenomenal Z7310 and Brown Paramount X7879 to name a few have roamed our pastures.

A significant number of our Red Angus cattle descend from an original group of 28 head of females we selected from RA Brown Ranch in Throckmorton, TX. We have been a cooperator with the RA Brown Ranch since 2001 and many of our top performing bull calves sell in their annual bull sales held the second Wednesday of October and the second Wednesday in March.

Cedar Hill Farm was instrumental in establishing the Mountaineer Red Angus Classic in conjunction with the annual WV Beef Expo held the second Saturday in April. We offer several quality females in the sale each year. We normally have private treaty cattle available year round and we share some of our top females each year at our annual production sale.

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